What's your fave brand of guitars?

BQ: Do you own a guitar from that brand?

BQ2: If so, would you recommend it, and which model is it?

BQ3: Type music that you play?


1. Jackson and ESP.

2. No, I don't own either one, but when I have a job again I want to save for a Jackson JS32 King V, or an ESP LTD MAX-200 Max Cavalera Signature.

3. Metal and hard rock/classic rock


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Paul Reed Smith and Jackson are my two favorite brands, and they're both great. I own a Jackson JS32 King V that's red, and I play in Standard to D Standard on it. Anything from classical to Death. I love this guitar, but the main drawback is that it's a complete b*tch to play with when you're sitting down. Sometimes it puts my leg to sleep because it's poking a pressure point -_-

My PRS is an SE Custom 24 (the cheap version of the Custom), and it's my favorite guitar so far. I have fairly heavy strings on it, .12s, and I play in either Drop B or Drop A#. Pretty much everything I play on that is metal, and lately I've been playing Baroness, Sunn O))), Isis, Pelican, and Torche. I'd strongly recommend getting a PRS, because they're great guitars for any style of music. Custom 24 earns my approval.


fender an ephiphone



BQ: yes

BQ2: Fender Squier

BQ3: Heavy Metal


i like esp custom. i have a cheap 30$ first act i can play stair way to heaven to part of becoming the bull the good life.




Stratocaster Deluxe player. wish i had a mustang though.

Rock (Classic, Punk, Metal, Grunge)


Ibanez, Schecter, and ESP

BQ: I have an Ibanez Gio bass guitar :p

BQ3: Metal and hardcore, I did some post/prog rock for a while



Yes, I own a beautiful acoustic one. :)

I would recommend it and it is a Sonoran.

I play mostly classical guitar pieces.


Warwick, Ibanez or Carl Thompson

BQ : I own an Ibanez (can't afford a Warwick or Carl Thompson just now)

BQ2 : yes I absolutely love mine from playing Jazz to Metal. Ibanez K5

BQ3 : any kind pretty much