What would Chuck Schuldiner think of Deathcore?



If he were still alive, I'd say he would be displeased with the way Death metal has been mistreated. If he were alive he would show Suicide silence and job for a cowpoke how its done!


Aye, probably indifferent.

Then he'd go play with his dog.


I believe he would just be all like "meh". Some of it he probably wouldn't approve, but he would still have some respect.


I doubt if he would listen to it. But he would respect it. Besides, don't most deathcore bands cite Chuck as their main influence?


He would probably respect and like some of it. Chuck didn't seem to hate any type of music so I'm sure Deathcore would be no exception


He would probably be indifferent to it. He probably wouldnt enjoy it, but he would'nt really hate it :p IMO


Who knows, being the great musician that he was I'm sure he would have listened to it with an open mind. Whether he would have liked it or not I don't really know, but if he didn't like it I really doubt he would have bashed it.