Can a good mixtape be made with a laptop?

i want to make a mixtape on my laptop so i dont have to spend all that money on studio time is it possiable if i get a good microphone and a online beatmakeing/produceing program?


Hell yeah. A good mix-tape could be made with 2 tape recorders and a good keyboard that plays beats.

But a laptop is way more advanced so its even better. I agree with what MCDX said but if you got the skill to make yo own beats then do that. But if you a amateur and just startin out then you might wanna let somebody else make the beats and focus on yo lyrics.

THis is all assuming you a rapper. If you tryin to be a producer then its plenty of demo and trial versions of beat making programs out there from they own sites. Should be enough time if you got the skill.


creating beats can take forever

ur better off finding beats n jus puttin bars to em


Yea 'An0maly' Made his first two mixtapes on his laptop. Yo tube him


What MCXD said,it takes a long time to learn to make good beats with a beat making software.Better get in touch with someone who would make some beats for you....and get a good mic.


course it is. download live 4.1.2 or newer. it does cost, but it is worth it.