Does anybody else hate Paramore and the pretty reckless?

i hate when people i know say theyre so awesome people i know talk about them like theyre fuc*ing jeasus or something, but ive never heard worse bands, i hate when those people call them rockers when they are pathetic pop-rock, im so tierd of fake and commercial bands.

and its nothing like saying girl musicians cant play rock, i actually like lots of female fronted bands, like queenadreena, hole, bikini kill, and the carpenters just to name a few.


I hate them too. But they aren't the worst in my category. I do think Hayley Williams is a full of her self bic*h though. I'm not too familiar with the singer from The Pretty Reckless, but they're not my cup of tea. Paramore is beyond overrated IMO


Stop ranting, your argument is invalid, Paramore is awesome, you bias jackasss.


yes, they make terrible music


I don't care enough about either of those bands to hate them.


I don't hate them, I just dislike their music I find them both very annoying.


Paramore is a great soft rock band, but they are heavily overrated.


I personally like them, but I would never call them something like hard rock. They are a pop rock band and that's that. Some people just get a little overexcited that's all.


I dislike their music, but i dont hate them. Yeah theyre music and fanbase is awful but it's nothing to lose sleep over.

The only bands I trully hate bands that encourage something awful, like; racism, prejudice, drug abuse, homophobia, etc.