NRHH:Pink Floyd Or Michael Jackson(BQs)?

BQ:Did anyone else hear about Waka Flocka Flame Quitting?:)

BQ2:What did you thibk about Nas,s Newest Single Nasty?


Pink Floyd=who I prefer

Michael Jackson=better artist

BQ: Well I don't give a fxck about him, so no

BQ2: Classic Nas his attitude for this album,

hate the title.


you dumb s***


Michael Jackson

BQ: I know, I almost did a flip.

BQ2: Dope


Michael Jackson

BQ:Yea,read it at HHDX...hopefully he's serious

BQ2:It's a good lead single


micheal jackson is overrated as hell and i never liked him, so pink floyd.

BQ:no, actually i don't care

BQ2: dope sounds like a song from god's son.


MJ, I was never big on Pink Floyd.

BQ: He did bring some raw sh*t to the table to bump to, but I can't honestly say that the game won't strive without him. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

BQ2: Your late as hell, but it's still dope as sh*t.