Why does the majority of people on here hate Eminem?

I asked a question earlier about his song Stan and everyone started answering and cursing at me for considering him a legend.seriously people need to calm their hormones because that's just my opinion


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If you name other artists you listen to, we

might be more accepting of your opinion.

eh, that's fine. I respect your opinion.


lol at everyone's answers I love this section.


u needa grow a pair and shrug it off

welcome to the internet

no one gives a f*ck

no offense


Cuz they think fags like lil Wayne r legends when they arnt even close


He is good, but currently hasn't been so good.


No one hates eminem, They hate his fans who think he is the greatest rapper ever when they probably couldnt name 5 rappers. they overrate him so much.

EDIT* Lmao @? I'm back foe tha killen ?


Eminem is amazing and inspirational!


We don't hate Eminem directly, we hate his dickriders. Or STANS like teenage girls who can only name 2 of his albums

Weren't you supposed to kill yourself?