After a day in the sun, what is your chosen method ......?

..... of cooling down ?


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hmmmmmm.... a dip in a swimming pool :-P


suck on something cool


i go naked and stick the air con on


Take one Indian~esque~type man (Naveen Andrews would do), supply him with copious amounts of goat's milk to pour on my hot body, then oodles of cream to gently rub on the most tender parts, some whipped cream to put on then meticulously lick off the parts that have cooled down too much to heat them up, some ice~cubes to put in his mouth so he can apply them directly to my hottest spots...

I'm sure your imagination can figure out the rest Spanky, tho I have a feeling may end up hotter than when I started...


cool shower & an air dry ;)


Air conditioning and ice cubes...they work wonders! lol =)


I live in the North East of Scotland where it's freezing cold most of the year. I have no need to worry about cooling down :O(


A steaming hot cup of tea works every time for me.