I wanna be a billionaire...?

soo frickin bad

buy all of the things i never had

i wanna be on the cover of forbes magazine

smiling next to oprah and the queen

everytime i close my eyes

i see my name in shining lights

a different city every night

oh i swear

the world should be prepared

for when im a billionaire

suck OWN DAT :)


me too

but i think travis will be one after this song ahah


its the world better prepare, not should prepare

lol but awesome song by travis and bruno :)




I would have a show like oprah

I would be the host of

everyday christmas

Give travvie ya wish list

I probably pull a angelina and brad pitt

adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had ****

give away a few mercedes like

here lady have this

and last but not least

grant somebody they last wish

its been a couple months that i been single so

you can call me travvie claus minus the ho ho

get it i probably visit where katrina hit

and damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did

yeah and cant forgot about me stupid

everywhere i go ima have my own theme music



Oh every time I close my eyes.

I see my name in shiny lights.

A different city every night oh I

I swear, the world better prepare

for when I'm a billionaire.


great song. (:

travie mccoy. :D