What was Stephenie Meyer smoking when she wrote Twilight?

What was going on in her mind when she thought of this?


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She probably had her vibrator stuck in her vag the whole time she was writing it. I swear the book is just her weird little fantasy.



this does not answer the question;

I just wanted to say, I want your hair to have my babies.

Kthanks :D

don't trip about child support.


it must have been something good coz she's a millionaire now...


who cares what she was smokin she made a sh it load of money off the books and movie so whatever the hell she is smoking i want some!!


crack.. lmao Andrew should get BA


lmfao actually i heard it came to her in a dream! no joke! otherwise she must have been smokin' a Jeffrey. But seriously, ive had some pretty f^cked up dreams... doesnt mean im going to write a story about cold sparkle people from the land of rain, does it?


She was on cocaine, heroin, blood, stupidity, alcohol and crystal meth all at the same time.


She knew that girls like romance and pedophile vampires.