Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? If so, what would you have done?

If you had the money, what procedure would you have done. If more than one, which is the most important to you?


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Due to a pregency that ripped my skin in one day from fluid (a ten pound gain in that one day) I have tons of loose skin and stretch marks --I look like a wild animal got a hold of me and ripped my skin apart. My Dr. suggested strongly that I have plastic surgery as all the muscles in my stomach area are frayed like a rope. As the years have passed my muscles have become even weaker and Drs. have told me that no amount of exercise will repair them. I have a lot of back trouble and pain partially due to the extra weight of skin hanging on my stomach. The embarrasment of people asking if I'm pregnant, and absolutelly not being able to buy any clothes to fit me is horrible. My breast are small making it even worse. Even though I also have other medical problems which cause me to not be as active as I previously was (fibromylgia and arthritis) I would like to feel like other women and be able to enjoy my body and not be embarrassed by it. Second on my list would be to have my breast enhanced and lifted. I am grateful to have a body that is alive and in somewhat working order but this would be my dream to feel like a normal woman must feel about her body. I'm sorry about such a long and personal answer, but thanks for letting me answer with my true feelings.


I get "reconstructive" surgery. Basically, plastic surgery for people who were born with facial defects (cleft lip and palate, in my case) to help make us look more "normal" (sorry, bad wording) and help us be able to eat and talk better. I've had nine of those, and I'm going to have two more.

But. If it were plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons...never. I can understand in some ways why people would want it done, but I could never do it. There's a lot more good money could do in this world than make me look prettier. And, from somebody who knows how much it's not worth it just to look nice. Obviously, it's a personal choice, but to me, it's not worth it.


Is not about the money since a have a niece that is a plastic surgeon. Is the courage to go under and endure the pain.

1) Removing the double chin would be first.

2) Getting rid of bags under the eyes.

3) Pull up the upper eye lids. They are really drooping.

The rest of the body I'll just hide! It would be toi much work.


If I were a burn victim or accident victim and needed it to look at all normal again, I would submit to it. I have had some scar tissue remove which was keloid, and I guess that is technically plastic surgery.

But this business of being uplifted, puffed out, pulled in, tucked up, flattened out, or otherwise reformed to suit one's perceived taste at the time is a huge waste of money and a real stress on the body.

If one is born with a nose that gradually develops a large hook, then I can see getting it fixed up a bit. There are problems which deserve serious attention so the person can be able to function well. Cleft lips and palates, for example, or club feet. There is enough in the way of serious need that the idea of just trying to look more 'beautiful' for as long as that bit of plastic surgery holds leaves me cold.

I have EARNED my wrinkles. After my ex left me with six children to raise in 1991, my oldest daughter informed me that, under no uncertain terms, she was going to make sure any wrinkles I got would be laugh wrinkles. God bless her, she has really tried to keep that promise and for the most part, she did it!

Gravity has taken its toll on parts of my body. That's OK. I worked 59 years to be almost sixty!

Now if I really had any wish, I WOULD go back about 30 years to THAT body and have today's wisdom still!


The women in my family are blessed with magnificent breasts when young but they get a little heavy as we get older. I had always planned to have mine done by the time I was 50. Now I'm 53 and they still aren't done and I don't have anything scheduled in the near future. It looks like 60 might be my new time goal.

I did have my teeth capped and the entire front arch was done at one time. Now I have a movie star smile. I had to have my teeth fixed because they weren't doing well but it was kind of a vanity move to do them all at once and make them all even and white. I have a designed smile now.


i am happy wit how i look but if i had a lot of money to blow and i was bored i'd probably get lipo implants and tummy tuck!


My nose. God, my nose. To make it thinner and more defined. And perhaps a surgery to fix some nasty scars and such.


No, I wouldn't want to spend money on that.

However, if it was a free and safe procedure, I would consider getting a nose job.

I'd rather give the money to charity, where it would be used for something useful.