Has anyone felt odd last tuesday?

I was in a odd mood two days ago. One of my best female friends felt worse and is also very sensative to energy. she was literally so stressed she was on the verge of freaking out. I was getting kind of annoyed with her but she wasn't offended because she knew the devil works on people and she knew it was working on me at that moment. She told me there were a lot of deamons out and told me to focus on faith. The next day she called didn't remember anything she said to me that night. There were also numerous bomb threats that day. There was one at a hotel where my friend lived and another in Charleston Bay in Charleston SC. where I live. I was also in a bad mood that day and felt very tired. Just before I went to bed I looked out into the water (i live by the water) and saw a lot of wierd flashing colors like I was on drugs. Did anyone else feel strang that day?


Welcome to Ascendancy and the fun of being on a different dimension than others on the same quest at a slightly different rate than you. To find out more on this go to: htpp:// It will explain the whole thing to you and there is a lecture by Ian Lungold that shows how we got to this point from 16.4 billion years ago. The next two years will be the MOST important of the last 16 billion so enjoy it. I felt weird that day and unusually tired. I took a nap that afternoon for about 3 hours and woke up refreshed and feeling better. All of my empathic friends are saying that when they go into large dept stores like Wal-Mart, they can hear everyone's thoughts and the pain is enormous right now with the worries of mortgage foreclosure and the bad economy and lack of jobs, so they turn around, go home and straight to bed and sleep it off for a few hours.

This has been going on mildly since April 13, 2008 but right now it seems to be the worst. But, it should start to back off once everyone has ascended ... The latest will be by the end months in 2012 while others have already upgraded successfully.

Watch the animals too. You'll notice strange beachings of all sorts. Here in California we had tons of jelly fish and squids beach themselves in San Diego and you always hear of sharks and porpoises beaching themselves for unknown reasons, even whales from time to time. Animals everywhere are acting confused and so are people. I've been asking the TV and radio stations to announce these events but they all think that I'm mental. We'll see whose mental eh? (It COULD BE ME TOO ... scary).

Check out the website and then YOU decide! There is a LOT more going on than you can even imagine! These coming years have been foretold for the last 25,000 years as we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. ALL age changes have always been catastrophic in the past. The Earth is going through a necessary planetary upgrade, rebuild, re-birth. It happens like clockwork. The ONLY civilization to make it through EACH of the last 7 age changes is Egypt. I think it is because of their Labyrinth Under Giza (also on the Dragon at the very bottom of the main page) which is capable of housing the entire people of Egypt in its THREE levels that go from the pyramids to Cairo underground, hollowed out of solid rock by "beings" many thousands of years ago (like 10,000 years or more).

Check the Dragon ... its all there.




This past Tuesday (6-8-10)? Yes, senses, feelings, emotions were very "heightened" (odd, different) that day. Feeling "freaked out", bad mood? No.

My experiences that day were more-so of awareness, strength, deeper attention, not able to get "tasks" tended to, sleepy even though happy and had full night's sleep. That day was especially so unique...spiritual messages, experiences.

Some others I know experienced same.

The "why" of all that with people personally and/or globally? It's the "process" that unfolding, occurring.