What excuse do you find yourself making most often?

I'm always thinking that I cannot follow my dreams because I don't have enough money, won't be able to afford health insurance and don't want to upset my mother...

I think I could work around these excuses, though

What are your excuses and are they realistic obstacles or just.. well.. excuses?


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Your excuses are realistic. At least, you do not have to make excuses for criminal misconduct...

Most of my excuses are for not getting my books published and the rest of my excuses are offered to God during my prayers.


Why do it today when you do it tomorrow.


The dog ate my homework!


I don't make excuses, I make it happen.


I give my studies an excuse if I don't want to go out but if someone is forcing me to!


"I got a bad stomach... must be something I ate, well would you excuse me for now" and "what were you saying just now, I got an earache, I was up all night hearing the dogs singing... umm howling."


"my mom won't let me" this is most definitely just an excuse so that I don't have to do things that I don't want to do

"I didn't hear you" yeahh... i just don't want to do it...

sometimes they are realistic but usually not


I use the excuse that I am pregnant to get me out of some things. Bein pregnant DOES make me tired, but people just think I still have morning sickness so they dont ask me to help them or ask me to get out much, which I have really taken advantage of. Only one more month can I use that excuse, then it will be the newborn thing..... after that I will have to finaly face reality.