Would it be unhealthy of me to eat a lb, of bacon as a snack everyday?

Would it be unhealthy of me to eat a lb, of bacon as a snack everyday?


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Everyone dies of something. Don't forget to wipe the grease from your lips with your long pit hair!


like ew

do u really want to become fat and ugly?


Well a pound of anything a day will kill ya.

But, you must just have it, then mmicrowaveit, this way all the grease is cooked out of it, do not fry it...

Bacon is yummy, I love Bacon, Tomato and Onion Sandwiches, but I nuke the bacon to get the grease out, I love it crisp.

But, when you begin to run around on all fours and oinking at your hubby, he may make you cut back a tad...LOL


Bad idea, and expensive....!


I would most certainly think so! You don't want a heart attack at a young age, do you? Believe me, a heart attack is no fun, it's happened to me, and I had to go to the hospital and they put 2 stents in my heart, in which they went in through my groin! Very painful afterwards! If anything, I would think you'd want to take better care of yourself. Refer to the below-mentioned pages for more information.


No just drink alot of water their is alot of salt in it.


Yes, eating a lb of bacon for a snack every day is unhealthy,

Have you tried eating lean cuts of meat like turkey or chicken?

Having a couple slices every couple of days would be healthier.



No, but I must warn you - that great of consumption can result in becoming bacon yourself. Keep the dog in the yard just to be safe.