Who is your favourite character in Twilight and why?

Include female and male!

mines in jacob and alice


Jacob - caring towards Bella even though he doesnt like who she is with

Alice - sweeeeet


I didn't like twilight too much. I read all 4 books and they were kinda boring (especially Bella, when she talk I would skip so many pages. She wouldn't shut up!) and the ending was so cliche. I was annoyed. Everyone was making a big deal out of it and I guess I overestimated the book...

I guess I would have to say I liked Emmett his sexual jokes and machoness made the story not as boring as when Bella would talk.

I like Seth too, he was so cute trying to keep the peace between the 'shape shifters' and vampires.


Bella and Jacob :)


Jacob- I think he deserves bella because he is nice to her and edward just left her and came back to take her away.

Jane- I think her power is really interesting


i dont like twilight

the only character worth mentioning is emmett since hes the only one wanting to kick *** all the time


alice is smoken hot


Twilight sucks and is an overrated fad