How much do you think Bill Gate's sperm is worth?

considering anyone who would have his kid would get child support from him



the dude is hella smart..


The value of it would be in the millions. Since there's no justification to not paying child support, anyone who can get a sample of his sperm could sell it to a female for use to Self Inseminate. Once a baby is born, he owes child support, regardless of how conception took place. Just such a case is currently taking place in Illinois involving Dr. Richard O. Phillips. Even young boys owe child support when molested by a woman.…



No child support if he didn't have sex with you. He could get out of that easy, even though he can afford it.




less than steve jobs!


haha the best of him ran down his mama's leg.


Child support is child support no matter how much he has. Just because he's a billionaire don't mean he ahs to give you a billion dollars for diapers.


40 Million