Is there a reason to make fun of Liam?

Errrrrrrrrr, wtf is wrong with you people!


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People are "Hating me" because -

There was a P&S Chat room, someone was posing as me and I got paranoid and left the chat room saying "f*cking backstabbers" ( I have apologised for this a long time ago ), I then come back to TRY and apologise, but before I do, I am being told to cut myself, and go hang myself etc. Some in the chat then begin to tell others I was 'talking behind their backs', I did mention one person, behind her back, but not once did I say anything hateful against her like I was being accused of.

Its fine if you wish to believe the "haters", I wouldn't stand in your way or even try to make you believe me, I'm not here to prove anything to anyone, people often believe 'the mass' of people anyhow against just one person, me. But who would you rather believe - someone who is acting peacefully, or those who are using the anonymity of the internet to attack others? Either way, up too you.


I have an answer, the people who are doing this have nothing better to do, they need to find something productive worthwhile so that they do not spend so much time on negative energy.


Liam is one of us now, and we will not stand for this kind of behavior, you let a bunch of us loose on them they will not have a hope in hell of survival..

Women fight mean.

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that is a wall, ... if it comes to that it comes to that, I will not put up with hurtful nonsense


Because some People are sadly Jealous @rse holes....I think Liam is sweet and intelligent Guy and i think there are plenty of us that like him and would help him out, all he has to do is ask and i know i would.



they are just cruel!

i like Liam, I think he's a pretty cool kid!


Someone is being mean to Liam, that very nice poet? Send them to me, maybe they need a dose of psychotic rage.


There is never a good reason to make fun of anyone.We all have flaws.He has answered several of my questions and is always polite and respectful.It is a shame that some people cannot be polite and kind to all.


Yes,if you are a lonely bastard & are jealous of him.

Most people who ask mean questions about him wish they were him.


Gah. these people need to stop hating on him. i'm sick of this drama why are they bein like this?. they need to leave him alone he's a good person and i don't see why people are hatin like they are. and they should say to him go kill ya self. that was wrong on so many levels. Liam is good so why all the hate?