I thrust my hips.......?

In school if i see a good looking girl i thrust my hips straight in her direction and make a grunting noise. I was told to use this tactic by a friend, however i seem to be getting rather negative responses so far.

I literally stop, look at her, ad thrust my hips straight at her and grunt rather loudly.Am i doing it wrong? does anyone else use this tactic for attracting girls?


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grunt louder and lick your lips


Rookie Mistake

I tend to do best when using my own sexual integrity. What I do is get a very small pair of shorts on, short enough for a good knee tan and short enough for flexibility. After you are locked on to the one you wish to approach slowly put your hand in the air until it is perfectly in line with the girl. After doing so she should respond with a unmph ruff! After this sound is made keep your hand in the air until she puts your hand on your right knee then you will put your left shoe on her right foot. At this point she should be all over you.


Stop it.


If you keep that up, you'll be forty and single, living in your parents' basement. Or maybe you'll land a role in the next "Nerds" movie sequel.



hahaha please tell me your kidding i'm dying laughing over here..

hahahahahaha. very very funny

if you are serious though..

then NO it doesn't work on most girls

...unless the girls are sluts. haha


I think somethings wrong with the girl.


Be worried about your cheatin girlfriend.


Peeing on them may help too