Is clubbing only for trashy girls?

the kind that only eat hot pockets


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Don't make fun of yourself now.


i would try to have more respect for all girls ... IF i owned a club and girls came inside ..i the owner would know that i was using all those girls for money for my income at their expense ..and i would be making them suffer JESUS PRAY FOR ALL FEMALES AMEN . WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS GOD..


of course not :)


I think it's for girls who wanna have a good time with friends, but they usually get wasted and end up doing some trashy things, but they mostly don't wanna go to have sex or w.e., i think it's like a girl's night, to have some fun.


suck my dic betchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


No. I know one who eats KimChee. lol


and seals


um i dont want to troll so...