Say the emo-est thing you can think of?

Say the emo-est thing you can think of?


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The blood beneath my veins runs deeper than the darkness inside my soul.


Emotive hardcore.

Rites of Spring:…

Texas is the Reason:…


Real emo doesn't contain crying little p u s s i e s that dress up like douchebags and want to commit suicide.


my daughter


"I like walking in the rain because no one can see me crying"

The most self-involved, pathetic, nauseating emo quotation ever.


"The shiny, sparkly knife comes closer; I cannot stop the salty tears falling from my eyeballs..."

Well, if you consider fail-poetry emo. o.O


be for u my life waz like a moonless nigh

i wanna die

kill me

i will cut my self


Me and my only friend walked down to the park and choked each other with the chains on the was fun...


hey, remember me? I used to mean something to you.!