Will You Guys Remember Me If I Change My Name?

Will you guys remember me if I change my name and avatar picture? I would put my new name, then "previously the almighty ramen" next to it. Would you remember that I WAS the almighty ramen, or do you like my name and think I should keep it? And you can give name suggestions if you would like to.


Currently *The Almighty Ramen*


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I like your name. You are the only Ramen I've seen so far, and everyone can relate to Ramen Noodles :)


If your name's Raven, don't change it! xD


I could never forget you, man.. never.

#3 long as your picture is the same i guess.


I don't even know you NOW.

But the Almighty Ramen sounds pretty bad-cash.


what will you eat for lunch now?


no, i didn't remember you before


What are you switching to? Mac and Cheese?