Do you remember what your last Fortune Cookie Said?

I got one yesterday...& it was an as.s hole! it says "Try not to obsessively make things worse"

it was so ignorant. It totally ruined my day. Aren't fortune cookies supposed to be uplifting & happy-esk. =(


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Two weeks ago it said the next full moon will bring an extraordinary night...Yeah...Sure was...I did laundry...I could hardly contain myself...


i know one of mine said "dont stop untill you reach the finish line"

and then of course you have to add "in bed" to the end of your fortune to make it that much more special!


MIne said I might run into a lil extra cash.


your will have great wealth


"don't talk to people who get bad fortunes"



i cant remember, mostly because i dont usually pay them any attention i just eat the cookie


I suppose fortune cookies are brutally honest.

But they should be happy-esk!

My last one was boring. It said "You'll be unusually successful in business."

Cool, considering business doesn't interest me in the slightest.


Aww don't read too much into it ... it's just a piece of paper t the end of the day :)

it's luck I think if you can get one that even slightly relates to you :\