Have you ever screamed when your toast popped up?

Have you ever screamed when your toast popped up?


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Not screamed, but jumped.

My cat, on the other hand, had once snuck onto the bench which he KNOWS he isn't supposed to do. Well, he had picked the wrong day because the toast was in the toaster and he was standing right next to it, heating himself up. When it popped . . . my God! He jumped so high and went flying across the kitchen like you wouldn't believe. Needless to say, he hasn't been up there since!


When it catapaults over the dishes into the kitchen sink full of soapy suds I do. I say a lot of other very inappropriate things also at times like that. Usually I utter them so softly so that no one else can hear though; how lucky I am no one can lip-read around here.


yea i've jumped..i always get scared when i know its going to come out any minute.


no it just makes me jump because it scares me lol.


lol, this question made me laugh & uh yes xD


yeah sometimes


no, sometimes I jump though


Haha, yes a couple of times :)