Wooww does Angelina Jolie look anorexic here?

First off let me say I really don't give much crap about celebrities and the media in general so don't think I'm all "into" this kind of thing like I judge every celebrity but anyway..

I was on yahoo and this story comes up saying "Angelina Jolie's little girl dresses like a boy" or something like that, so I was like well that's a little weird, so I clicked it.. I was thinking I was gonna read the story but then all I could notice was how thin and ugly she looked on the cover of Vanity Fair!…

I thought they would probably talk about some sort of eating disorder somewhere in the story, but no, it has nothing to do with an eating disorder, she just happens to look deathly sick and yet that's not what the story is about! That's what the story *should* be about because that's all I can look at! Wowww thats horrible... stupid Vanity Fair..


Maybe if they didn't do so much things to her face. She isn't anorexic. It's just the lighting or something.

@ Priscilla: Awkwarrrrrd blonde approaching! DANGER DANGER!


no she has boobs there & anorexic chicks don't have boobs


No, she does not look close to anorexic. It's just her cheek bones, do you know what people who suffer from anorexia look like? Because it's not that.

And in case you don't know, magazines airbrush everything so of course she looks a bit odd, plus the make up and lighting and such could also explain what you "think" is anorexia.


She's beautiful no matter what.


Why should you even care? Or are you one of those people obsessed with celebrities?


not really, she looked much worse here...…


You have clearly never seen an anorexic person before....



Do you have ANY idea how many changes they do to a simple picture?