Ladies: Do you no longer appreciate a gentleman?

I mean, are there any ladies out there that appreciate and prefer a gentleman over the 'bad boy?'


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No I really appreciate gentlemen. Those "bad boy" or rude ones will never be on my ultra good side lol

Nice guys DO NOT finish last. Only the unappreciative, arrogant, and ignorant ones do in the end. I won't even date a "bad boy". Lol damn I'm picky


I prefer a gentleman.

Who likes the bad boy? o.0


i'm so good with both=D


Nope.. I love the bad boy... hardcore, treat me bad, spank me, rough me up kind of boy!


They'll say they do, but they would trade the gentleman for the bad boy in a heart beat.


nice guys win...

girls want the bad boy to date, but they marry the gentlemen. all the time.



Nice Guys may finish last but ill be in the back cheering them on ;) so yeah i do


With Rihanna influencing them with "come on rude boy is you big enough? and can you get it up?" girls aren't looking for nice guys anymore unfortunately.