Do you expect your woman to make you food when youre hungry?

Do you expect your woman to make you food when youre hungry?


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If my woman loves me she'll make me food because she wants too, and I'll make her food in return. Thats how a good relationship works


In previous years or decades, it was thought that the females should make dinner, clean, etc. Though at this time the female or 'woman' was a stay at home wife or mother and had time, patience, etc to cook a meal for her family. Now a days times have changed. Woman have turned some tables around to where the man may stay at home while the woman may be "bread winner" and work a full time job. In that instance I think its fair that the man should do what the woman would be expected to do.



Aside from family, I've had girls offer to cook for me while I hung out at their house. Every single time, their food was garbage. They thought that just because they're girls, they can cook better than I can. They were wrong.

That's the problem with people who take on society's scripts as their own lives. Society says they should, so they automatically think they can. More often than not, from what I've seen, they've been wrong.

That aside, I can cook for myself perfectly fine, and I have enough confidence to cook for other people as well.


I may be a girl but if my man expected that of me I'd be out the front door already. If he asked nicely of course I'd make him food but if he just said "I'm hungry!" Then I'd yell at him before I left.


* No, I do not expect my woman to make food when I am hungry.

* Not all woman can cook.

* I would not treat me lady that way expecting her to cook up food for me.


I make my own food when I'm hungry, so kinda?


Ya I just don't ask expect women from Texas to make me food. Last time i asked my girlfriend from Texas to make me food, she broke my arm.


Only if I tell her I'm hungry. Now, where is that sammich?