Are you.....Rapture Ready?

Supplies Needed to Survive the 2012:


?Military strength bullet-proof vest

?Holy Water

?Steel toe boots


?Iron sports cup

?Shin guards

? Swiss Army Knife

And most importantly, my guidance.

2012 is coming....are you ready?


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I have an AK47 and I'll use it on you soon if you don't SHUT UP.


The only thing that is going to happen in 2012 is the chaos caused by propaganda like this. Nothing is going to happen. Why would you listen to the Mayans any way? THEY ARE DEAD. GONE. LEFT THE BUILDING. PEACED OUT. God took them out for praying to a damn star! And if the rapture truly is coming in 2012, your precious AK47 won't save you. Only the Man up stairs can.


It's been nice knowing you all.


Yeah, you know what, you better add lighter fluid and a lighter to that list...

Cause I'm gonna pour that lighter fluid on you, then LIGHT YOUR @SS UP and watch you melt like the pathetic lego toy you are.

Then, I'm gonna finish what's left of you with the AK47 <3


I cancelled my car insurance and have my cat carriers, couldn't be any more ready...


I think its a hoax by the government to get us all scared... They want us to have fear so that we look to them for help like little children. Then, they can control us.


Im ready for January 1st 2013 6 AM GOOD MORNING AMERICA!


where do i get those items