What can I do to make my parents kick me out?

Lmao, I don't wanna live here anymore!


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have sex in their bedroom

break their belongings

threaten to kill one of them

be outright disobedient everyday


1. take a chainsaw to the plasma screen 2. pack the insides cell phones with gunpowder and wait for a spark 3. throw crack in the heater and leave the house(or not) 4. smear toothpaste on the mirror. 5. put purrel in the sink and drop a match in there 6. put butane in a salad 7. put ketchup in the dishwasher and washing machine. 8. take a BB gun to the windows 9. let 4 skunks in the house and (drumroll) 10. eat a toaster.


1st, Are you older than 18?

2nd, Do you have a means of support? [ a job, or your own money?]

3rd, Do you have a safe place to move into?

If you can say yes to all three, go.




Tell them your pregnant


have a boy sleep over at your house in your bedroom


Why do they have to kick you out for you to move? If you're old enough to live on your own and you have the money, move on out! If not, you had better shape up, because it's rough living on the street.


Nothing...just lay back and do nothing. then they will get angry and kick you out :D:D