Do you put chapstick on even when your lips aren't chapped?

i'm just used to it (:


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yeah, I have a habit of putting it on like every 5 minutes lol

I have so many and I always have one with me.

I have one with me right now and now I am gonna put some on!


yessss! for like 5 mins! the cherry one! :) i looove having my lips soft! :) nd agreed its a habit!


I put it on because it's just a habit. I do it more with my Beauty Rush lipgloss from Victoria Secret because *and I don't do this on purpose* it tastes good XD


Pretty sure that stuff is addicting.


ALWAYS! It's an addiction for me.


Yes......with sun block


Yea i do, its a habit :)


awesome, so ******* awesome.

Thanks for telling the world.