Do you look at your food before you eat it?

Ill be watching TV at night with a bowl of soup or something, and Ill eat it without the lights on, but when my mom comes in, and watches TV with me, she turns on the light and eats. ?!?!?!?!?!


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I always look at my food before I eat it. because you never know what fell in your food while you weren't looking. And don't know what one particular person was doing with the food when they were fixing it


Haha...That's a little peculiar, I didn't know some people actually HAVE to look at their food. I don't if I'm watching TV, but If I'm at a restaurant and it looks really good I might. :)


Yes, I do. How else am I supposed to know what I am eating?


Yes I sometimes do, and then I get grossed out by it and can't eat it. Like fried eggs if it isn't cooked just right.


Yes, I check out what I am eating....


I would want to know what I was eating, yes. Turning on the lights to eat, probably means not spilling food...etc.


No I dont look at what I eat. I blindfold myself before checking the fridge, grab anything out of the fridge and stuff if in my mouth without looking.


Mmm, pretty sure I do.