Poll: What Is Your Answer? (Easy 10 Points!)?

As you enter your apartment with your roommate you decide to eat a quick snack. As you eat your snack you find a spider on the wall. What do you do?

A: Kill It! (EW! I don't want that thing in my house!)

B: Put it outside. (It never harmed anyone.)

C: Leave it be. (Helps deal with the bugs.)

D: Flush it down the toilet. (A watery grave?)

E: Ask your roommate to deal with it. (I don't want spider germs all over my hands.)


B... then I go hug a tree :)



I'm pretty sensitive about killing things, I slide a paper towel under it and put it outside.


B. Get a box, tape the wall above it while holding the box exactly below, let it land in the box and take it outside to be et free to go back to work eating flies and doing its job.

Put it outside--it never harmed anyone and is among the most valuable insect hunters on planet.

Thanks for asking.



I hate spiders :O


F: I eat the spider.


A, then D


B: Put it outside.