Have you ever told someone that it's your fault, even though it wasn't?

it can be about anything.. really.


Yes. I didn't want someone to get in trouble and I knew that if I spoke up, I'd be the one in trouble anyway coz they'd just deny it like always and everyone would believe them or pretend to.


yes, because i always get blamed if its not my fault...


I generally do that a lot with my younger cousins because I don't like to see them yelled at.

With my mom, because I don't like seeing her get blamed or talked down to over a simple mistake

With people at work because I don't like seeing them get yelled at because of a mistake they might have made either.

I just basically don't like cruelty, or seeing people get their feelings hurt.

So if theres a non confrontation solution (i.e taking the blame for something I didn't do) then I don't mind. I know the truth and so do they, and thats really all that matters.

Im not gonna take the blame for a crime or anything, but I can help with everyday mistakes. I feel like we should all have eachothers back a little more often.