How does my life plan sound?

After high school, I plan to move to norfolk, virginia and live in a house/apartment with roomates for about 500 bucks a month. I am going to tidewater community to do the ultrasound certification progra, which is from 1 to 2 years in length. While I am studying, I want to work in a motel because I hope when I have money saved I can own and operarte one. That will also cover my expenses during college. When I graduate I am going to move to either virginia beach or suffolk, depending on the job market. Then I plan to save more money and get married. How do I sound so far?


First, Norfolk is typically not a great neighborhood. There is a lot of crime and gang activity, so I hope that you or your friends already know the area. $500 a month just for renting a room is on the cheaper side of things in the 757 area. That also normally doesn't include utilities.

As for school...TCC is an amazing community college. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. First, though, the ultrasound program is incredibly, INCREDIBLY hard to get into. You have to have all As, and previous radiological experience to be admitted. Second...I don't understand why you want to get a degree in ultrasound when you said yourself that you want to own & operate a motel. Third...even if you do get into the ultrasound program, all the classes are held at the VA Beach campus, which is easy a 45 min commute in traffic. That's a lot of gas wasted, along with additional time needed off of work. Fourth, since TCC has started the ultrasound program the job market in Hampton Roads is over saturated. It is becoming close to impossible to find employment in the field. If you are planning on staying in the area, as you've started, I would reconsider.

If you are dead set on this as a major, your best bet is to apply to the Radiography program, and then as a senior student in that program, apply to the Sonography program. I personally, though, feel as if your best option would be an AAS in Lodging Management. Here's the link to the degree requirements...…


I think it sounds great but you know things never go according to plan no matter how much you want it to I'd make it less detailed if I were you.


not good, thats not enough money, i know lots of people wanna move out and be independent, so do i, ur only in highschool and your plans will change, when you move out, you might not like it cuz u pay ur own bills and everythin. i wish i moved out but i still live my parents, and im 20yrs old, i will move out, so no rush- its sounds like ur rushing. but thats your plan, not mine but its great that you wanna be independent and even have a plan! :-)