Anyone else think the show "16 and pregnant"....?

Is a bit ridiculous?


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I like the show but it seems like every episode they are saying men suck and are jerks when their woman gets pregnant. It makes me feel that the show is against men, I don't think all men are that way, yes I know some are but the majority aren't. I think the show is getting to copy itself. Pretty much every episode is just about the same only with different people


It always was.

They're flaunting teen pregnancies.


is that an other MTV winner?


Yes it's getting to be..

i don't think they should continue with the show


A bit...? Just a bit?



Oh I like it! I mean yeah, it's a bit mean, we watch it so we can be smug that we used contraception, but still interesting! Teen Mom is better...


yes it so dumb to say being 16 and having a baby is so cool. It's not cool. Her life is over.

I vote to take it off the air.


Very. If it was like a one season special thing then I would think it was a good idea to show girls and guys the effects on your life when you have sex too young. But now girls are thinking they should get pregnant to get on the show and be famous! Its disgusting.