So...The Medusa Piercing. Is It Cute Or Nasty?

The Medusa is a piercing in the middle of the top lip (right above it actually). Is it cute or nasty?

&& What's your favorite face piercing on a girl?



cute. depends on the person though. you know some people just look fugly with or without piercings.

and my fav is the septum. i've had mine for like 5 years :)


i got a tongue piercing wana make out with it?


I hate piercings


ewww i hate piercing in general!


it all depends on the girl it would look good on some and not so good on others i would say a small ring on the right side of the bottom lip


I hate piercings and they seem to be getting worse in the places people put them.


Nasty! I hate when people get piercings, you dont need them! You look the same (better) without them.

I remember sitting in the mall and my half sister was showing me her tounge ring, and I almost ran away. I was a little girl. And then she cahnged it.. like took it out and put a new one in right in front of me. I seriously almost lost it, and almost starting running away lol