POLL: Which school would you rather go to?

Choice A: (90-100% of students go to college after)

Choice B:… (public school)


The public school. Yeah you might be academically prepared for college more if you go to your snobby christian private school but I guarantee you'll be more socially prepared if you go to the public school.


saint bernard if you have the money.


the public school


Saint bernard has a better website so go with that one :)


Waterford Schools (Choice B, public school)


Why wouldn't you put the percentage of college attendees for the public school?


Well, I go to a state school.

And I'd still choose it rather than some poncey catholic school.

Grades... who needs em?

So, yeah, that Waterford School, I guess, although with it being in America and all, I wonder who'd pay for my fare...?