Are you someone who doesn't really listen to rap but...?

likes a song and makes you feel "gangsta" and maybe even want to dance "ghetto"?

What song is it?

For me: "Get Low"- Lil' Jon & Eastside Boyz :D


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I can't stand rap

But some times i like to roll around in mah whip with the seat back listening to gangster rap nodding mah head as i go




I love rap.



"no hands" and "black and yellow" and "make it rain" :D


Lol I only listen to rap (on the in game radio) when i'm playing GTA San Andreas, because it makes me feel gangsta....


Yeah, I don't like rap much, but the odd song I like.


I like dat song( how low)


Get Low (x

this is my favorite scene from the Proposal lol…