What's the story behind your first kiss?

Mine was at my first job when I was 16. I was picking up clothes from one of the fitting rooms when I guy I reaalllyyy liked came in and closed the door. Yeah... He became my first bf too!

I don't know why this was kinda embarrassing to tell... lol


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I was 3-4 and I was on a bus at the zoo (or going to the zoo) and I held her hand... then we kissed and we thought we were married... for like 4-5 years :P then I moved and never spoke to her agian :P

second kiss was truth or dare... so it doesnt count really :P

third kiss I was like... 9 I had just moved and I met this girl who lived 2 doors down... and I kissed her on the cheek because she asked me too... then she kissed my mouth and I ran home and cried because I thought I was cheating on my wife :P

fourth kiss i was like 11-12 and i liked this girl named Taylor and she made me a really cool neclace... and we were on a field beside my house and kissed we "dated" for like a year... but we slowly stopped talking :P we actually never broke up... like we hung out every day, then it went to every other day, then to once a week (once school started) then like once a month, then we just stopped talking ;P

and my fifth was when I was like... 14-15 and This girl I kinda likeed asked me out and I said yes... cuz I thought she was joking... then I found out she was serious so we went on a "date" and we kissed... it was really awkward... then the next day I went on a vacation with my fam... so i didnt speak to her for like 2 weeks... then when I came back she was like I missed you so much :) and I was like... ughh Hi? then she kissed me and I was like...ohh... and I felt bad because I never really wanted to date her... it just kinda... happened :P and so I chickened out and got my best friend to break up with her for me :P

Number 6 was a drunkin kiss... 1 of the 4 times I drank and it was not pleasent :P

my last kiss #7... was last summer (summer 2010) I kinda liked her... like we flirted a little b it... but I didnt want to date her... I didnt want to date anyone... but then she kept telling my best friend that she liked me so I was like... ohh yah I kinda like her too... then my bff told her, then the girl kinda stalked me :P Like if I didnt text her one day she would be like OMG are you okay? why havent you texted me... did you get into an accident and I was like... uhh no? then she became extremely jealous of my best friend... like she told me I had to stop talking to her or she would break up with me... so me (being the people pleaser that I am) lied and said I would... then she stole my phone and looked through my messages and saw that I was still talking to her so she flipped out and started saying awful things to my friend (on my phone) then she came over and kissed me like superstrongly :P like... she was like going WAY to fast :P like it was soo over the top and her tongue was like choking me (ew) :P then I was like woah... what are you doing? and she was like... lets have sex and I was like... weve been dating for a week...? then she like ran away... so I went home.. then she sent me pics of her and my "friend" doing stuff and said something like "shouldve stopped talking to yoru best friend..."

LOL That was probabluy really boring to read... I doubt you actually read it all :P

I know you only asked for my first kiss story... but I was on a role and gave you all of them :P


I've mentally blocked it out my mind. Sorry lol



my cousin did every time i left her presence


in 6th grade the girl i liked sat next to me on the bus and then just kissed me. i was like SCORE!


I was in the cloakroom with Gillian in 1st grade..It was a very simple kiss- i ended up gay.


when I was born my mom kissed me, yep..very romantic I know.


Haha nice story! :) Well, my girlfriend and I were at the beach, and we were just sitting down enjoying each other's company. Then I looked at her and somehow it just felt like the moment to kiss and there went my first kiss...


My girlfriend and I were at the skating rink, she was really shy. So I acted like I was falling and pulled her down with me. Sure enough, I make my move on the ground, in the middle of the rink, in front of like 80 people. Thats whats up.