Have this ever happened to you?

You was answering questions, and posting them in a different country? I'm in the united states, and i either posted or asked a question in the china section i guess, and i was wondering why Y!A looked different, and i thought it was a new layout until i spotted china =/

It also happened to me with India!


Yes, i got scared. I was worried i'd never find my way back!


yup, aha.

isn't it abit obvious if you're in the chinese one; the language is a tad different;-).


No, the only difference is that in china, the moderators are all children who type till their fingers bleed.


Yes, and it was hysterical. It was like the person posting had moved to another country.

I have a contact in the United Kingdom and after I answered a question, I starting answering others. I then hit me that things looked just a tad different and I realized what happened. So I went 'home.'

It can happen if you answer a question that originated in another country. Just click your 'home' country at the bottom of the page to get back. Just like Dorothy clicking her red heels, you know, except you only have to do it once. ha ha.