Poll: What does "Misuse of Question/Answer format" mean?

Does it really've been mass reported?


Not sure. I think it means posting your question in the wrong category or .. answering in other topics other then what is being asked of the question.


I was recently suspended for asking a question about a celebrity. I won't say what it was but I feel it was very unfair.

Also! I used to hang out in Polls & Surveys ALOT but I toned it down because every answer I'd give would get reported I'm not sure if I had a stalker or what!


A stupid crap reason for being reported. That's what it means.


i only clicked on your question because your avatar made me laugh


Pretty self explanatory.


It means answering a question with a question.


it means any and every question can be a misuse of the format if you ever read that crap. almost every question here can be in violation...