Do i have good music taste?

I get strange looks when people ask me what music i like because everyone's all into Glee and Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. - I like a few of Lady Gaga's. Not alot though. I didn't like Born this Way or Judas. More clubby then Alejandro :)

But here's my list:

Kasabian <3



Beatles <3

Duran Duran



Laura Marling

The Police,


Johnny Cash

Pink Floyd,


Red Hot Chili Peppers


I get asked a lot about music taste. Guess it's a way of people getting to know you. But they always give me weird looks. I don't care anyway, i'm just asking you're opinion. I'm 15, should i be getting into dare i say Justin Bieber or Glee to fit in?


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First of all:

NEVER EVER CHANGE YOUR MUSICAL PREFERENCES TO FIT IN! especially for some talentless, prepubescent child like Justin Beiber!

Kasabian - great band, I love "Clubfoot" so much.

Incubus - I've heard of them, but I'm unaware of any of their music.

Slade - if they're who I think they are (the guys who originally sang "*** On Feel The Noize") then another great band.

Beatles - I have never met anyone who doesn't like The Beatles

Duran Duran - awesome band

Blondie - another awesome band

Oasis - good songs, not my favourite but still an alright band

Laura Marling - Only one on your list I have never heard of

The Police - yet again another great band

R.E.M - one of my favourite bands of all time

Johnny Cash - absolute f*cking legend!

Pink Floyd - one of the greatest bands ever to grace this earth

Veronicas - I only know one song by them, but it was an fairly good song

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The greatest band known to man. They are like gods to music. Without a doubt my favourite band EVER!

Coldplay - absolutely LOVE them!

So yes, in my opinion, you have an excellent taste in music. And to like all those 80s bands (Duran Duran and Blondie...) at 15, you have restored my hope in the future generations!


I've heard of ONE of those people. Who are the rest?


I would really suggest listening to "I'm in love with Severus Snape" By Lucius Malfoy. He's a friend of mine.


To each his own I suppose...not my cup of tea but hell just don't fall into the Bieber ****...Glee alright sometimes but defiantly NO BIEBER


You`re getting there,,


who the fxck are those people


Listen to what you like and not what others want you to like. Be yourself. Don't follow the crowd like a sheep.


Who cares what kind of taste of music you like? If you like it then stick with it. You really do have an excellent taste in music.