Men: What's your opinion on...?

Ok, what do you think of the following things that women wear/do?

-Lipstick. Not clown red or anything. Marilyn Monroe wore lipstick, and everyone thought she was beautiful. What do you think?

-Breast size. Does it matter? I am self conscious because I have small boobs...

-What are 3 must have characteristics?

-What are 3 turn offs?

-And lastly, What woman celebrity would be a good example of a "perfect woman"?

Many thanks!


Lipstick -- if it suits your coloring, rock on.

Breast size -- if it works well with your overall build, double rock on.

Must haves -- sense of humor, a wee bit of confidence, and smarts.

Turn offs -- a third nostril, cop father, and lack of patience with smartasses :P.

...who wants perfect? I like human.


if you suck my dick then I don't really care



Patrick, you suck.


must give me sex on demand


OK, I'll give this a try. Lipstick - I like red lips, but like you said not too much. Boobs? There's an old saying "more than a mouthful is a waste". Really, it doesn't matter because after you have a few kids they're going to be bigger. My wife's was tiny when we were dating, but now they're huge. Three must haves - sense of humor, practical, loves outdoors. Turn offs - smoking, drinking, smart aleck. Gweneth Paltrow's character in Iron Man.


Lipstick- as long as it goes with your complexion I guess

Breast- like the other guy said, it doesn't matter to a lot a guys. For me, anything more than a handfull is a bit excessive.

Turn-ons- smart, respectful of herself, same interests

Turn-offs- naggy, self-centered, judgmental

Perfect woman- nobody's perfect... But I guess Angelina Jolie, both looks and demeanor


OK, I'll answer seriously.

Lipstick: it's fine if it isn't too gaudy.

Breasts: some guys are fixated on size, but not all of us. I don't care at all if they're small - they're still beautiful and touching them is a huge turn-on!

Must have: brains, sense of humor, and lack of selfishness

Turn offs: bossing, nagging, too focused on yourself

Perfect woman celebrity: there aren't any, but Jessica Alba looks awfully good to me! :)