Do you feel very lucky with your life?

Do you feel very lucky with your life?


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Lucky in some important ways: I was able to stay in a secure job for decades while many folks can't do because there has been a definite shift in the economy and companies do not necessarily invest in career employees and prefer term employees now; I picked the right man who became the father of my child so she has a blessed dad and I have a blessed child. I have been relatively healthy to date. But there are also areas where I have been unlucky and unable to fix what was wrong. That's always frustrating. Great question.


No, I do not.


i dont believe in luck.


i have little to no luck...


If I'm lucky I wouldn't be on Y!A 24/7


Yes because I do what I can to make luck


umm well sometimes


Kind of, I mean im not dead or severely sick, that's enough for me.