What were you doing during your last deja vu?

I was playing with my dog and bam I had a deja vu lol


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Playing a video game, I think. Deja vu is so strange. It's funny when you think about what may be actually going on. I've read that it can be caused by seizures, if it is, you have never actually experienced what you think you have before.. the mind is creating a false memory or something, thinking you've experienced it before.. just makes you wonder, what's real and what isn't? if our minds can create something that seems so familiar but has never actually happened before.


trying out for a play. It was super weird.


playing my Michael Jackson game lol


I don't remember, but i used to get it a lot. it feels weird! Like being physic! :)


Standing at the end of my drive way with my parents saying goodbye to my cousins and other such family members... I hadn't even experienced the same moment before, i just felt like id seen it.. it was creeppyy


listening to deja vu, the song.




I had just stepped out of a weird time vortex and met my past self before he too ran into the vortex.