How many haters you got?

<<<< got to many to count


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too many to count

two cousins in particular are insanely jealous of me

for no apparent reason. they never talk to me, ignore me

and make it clear they have time for everyone else but me.

(see it on facebook) they never visit or call me and make

excuses (too busy/had to do this/or that/whatever)

People make time for who they want to make time for.

So busy is not an excuse. They just don't like me for some reason

and too scared and cowardly to admit it. In fact its not just

the 2 of them, its all of them. When you see people visiting friends,

going to dinners, parties and other occasions and they never

do that stuff with you/give you excuses "too busy"/ whatever

Its just a big Lie. They have no intentions of having you in their life

but they will deny and Lie till the death because they never tell

the truth no matter what.

The best revenge is to win the lottery then put it in their face

they are not getting anything since they ignored you. Because

money is all people understand now. people are so shallow.

people are so nasty, vain and selfish.





i don't know but not many


Pretty much my whole school hates me... like - 1000 kids xD


i dunno


A few i`m sure,,


I'm not sure....


one with multiple accounts