Is the show Degrassi any good?

What is the show about? I''ve seen a lot of commercials for it. It seems like there are alot of characters to keep track of. Is it confusing? It seems like a soap opera for tennagers. My friends talk about it and they say it's pretty good. Is it REALLY dramatic? Are the actors any good? Tell me all your opinions about it. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.


Its basically like a soap opera for teens and maybe young adults. i LOVE it! sooo dramatic, basically what degrassi is known for! the actors are great, escpecially for teens and nothing likee disney! its veryy real, it has all types of situations from rape, to bf/gf problems,drugs, gay kids coming out or trying to stay in the closet, too bestfriends fighting and sometimes girls doing something "scandalous" like manny getting drunk and flashing her boobs on camera and the whole school sees the video,. i am in love with the show, my DAD even watches it w/ me..although he wont admit he like the show :))


i prefer the old ones with JT and Paige. but still I feel they are really stepping it up this year! with most soap operas the actors sound so scripted but with degrassi i fell i can relate with the actors because they are so conected with they character. it's wicked dramtic i cryed a few times watching it. and it's probley the best teen soap opera around.


it's a good show, but i perfer the older Version from Seasons 1-7. Now they just have a different cast from the beginning.


i used to watch the old school degrassi, i kind of grew up with it, the kids were my age so i was into it but then i suddenly stopped watching it and then watched the new season and drake was in a wheel chair? it was confusing but it is a canadian version of 90210, its a good show. but all these kids have 10 things going on at once its a little too much.


Its very similar to a soap opera. There is a lot of drama revolving around the show, check it out and see if you like it. i personally dont but all my friends do and they all argue over whos hotter and all the relationships that go on in the show.


it is my absolute favorite show! there are a lot of characters but it's not confusing at all. there's always some sort of drama going on, but it keeps you intrigued. the actors do pretty well actually. i personally think it's a great show.


i've personally never watched it, but drake is on it probably is! haha hes hot:)