Y&R-Who remember when Nick & Phylis didn't like each other?

Thanks for answers.


I do!

Remember when he blamed Daniel for Cassies death how much they absolutely hated each other?

Now Phyllis can't live without him. I remember when Phyllis could take care of herself and had a backbone!


Does anyone remember when Michael tried to kidnap and rape Christine and he shot Paul .... and now he's the best and most respected lawyer in Genoa City.


Yes i remember that. It was like Billy and Vicky hating each other. I also remember when Michael went through the wall to get into Crickets apt when he was obsessed with her and how we all hated him now we love him.


Yeah I do. . and i remember when Phy and Jack made out on Phys couch..To me i think Phylis is a phony. I have never liked her.


I do, now she can't live without him.


Yeah I remember that , but I also remember when Phyllis ran down Paul and Cricket.