Days: Whats everybodys problem with Rafe?

I've noticed that Rafe isn't very popular on here and I just cant seem why. Sure he has gotten Sami calmed down a little but we all know there not going to last there entire time on the show and Sami will eventually go back to her old ways. I know Rafe is also a goody good but so is Maggie Horton and I don't see anybody complaining about her and she annoys me so much. Thoughts?


I love Maggie and Rafe both. I hate that they have an imposter of Rafe and everybody thinks it is the real Rafe but it isn't. I want everything to go back to normal.


No Maggie isnt a goody good. This rafe 2 is scum..I like Maggie and wish everyone could be like her. Well i liked Rafe 1 till Stephno got a hold of him and stuck him down in the basement.


He has made her calm down some, true, but he's also pu**y whipped & doesn't seem to think Sami can do ANY wrong at all. Like when she shot EJ, he completely stood by her & disconnected himself from his own sister who had found out the truth, even asking HER to lie for Sami. And don't forget that he didn't seem to mind that Sami would go & MARRY EJ while he was off trying to find the truth about what he'd done to Sydney. He forgave her again. He's stupid.