K Drama: You're Beautiful Season 2?

Who here loves You're Beautiful? Haha I was so sad to see it end, and I'm dying to know if there is going to be a second season. What did you think of the ending? They can't just end it like that! I've searched, but I can't any info on the second season.

Does anyone know if there is going to be a second season? PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK AS YOUR SOURCE. I NEED PROOF.


OMG I totally agree with you. This has become one of my favorite shows and I know its silly but I cry everytime I think about the series ending. I hate to say say but I honestly don't think there will be a season 2. The ratings in Korea were bad and the Hong Sister(creators of the show) have stated that it will be "very difficult to make a seaon 2". here are some clues I found that MIGHT imply that there will not be a season 2." FT Island member Lee HongKi expressed his reluctance with SBS drama ‘You're Beautiful' coming to an (end)."

But to give you hope Lee Hong Ki stated "If there is a season 2 of Youre beautiful I must be a part of it."

-Other hints that it MIGHT be over.

here are some other articles to look at.

So anyways i hope I helped.! But juste remember even if it has come to an end never let it go, because that's how we keep something alive. (*tear*) I'm devastated that its over.


Unfortunately no, there won't be a 2nd season even if we fans all screamed for one. The Hong Sisters, writers of the drama, are working on another project, and Jang Geun Seok (Tae Kyeong) is going to star in the Korean movie version of Kimi wa petto.

As to the ending, me, as well as others, were a bit disappointed, I wanted a bit more, not hearing that Mi Nam is going abroad. What I liked is his hairstyle went back to how it was in the beginning, meaning, he's still going to be the arrogant jerk lol. And they left her brother hanging too, if he was found out that he was going on a solo career or not.