Should i invite the guy i met online at my apartment?

I met a guy online 2 months ago online. We haven't met in person but we are finally meeting up this weekend and I am excited. However, he wants to come over at my apartment and I don't have a problem with it. I know there is allot of creeps out there but my gut instinct is telling me that it's okay.I am 25 and he is 24

Have you ever done this?


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I met my FH on-line (Yahoo personals in fact), and we talked for about a month before we actually went out.

Even a man I met under other circumstances, I wouldn't have been comfortable meeting a guy for the first time then inviting him to my home, I went out with him for a few weeks before I invited him to my home and me to his.

No creep usually comes off as a creep, I would be hesitant to have him come over. While your gut instinct may be right that he's okay since generally we want to by instinct believe the best there is in people, it may also be wrong.

While meeting a guy online and something going terribly wrong are the ones you usually hear about, not all of them are bad, my guy is a very nice and respectable guy, however I preferred to be safe then sorry.


I've never done it.

A lady friend of mine did and she got $40 stolen from her purse when she went to use the restroom.

She was so sure that he was okay.

Guess not.

This guy you met online has no class wanting to come over to your apartment.





This is not safe. If you want to meet him, meet in public. DO NOT go back to either of your apartments. Your gut instinct is wrong.


as well as meeting in a public place - arrange with a friend to phone you about 30/40 minutes after the time you are to meet. IF you are feeling uncomfortable then the ''friend '' can be really upset & need your help immediatley.

At the very least - advise a friend of the details of your meeting :- time , place etc.


Meet in public first just to make sure that he is not a creep. After a couple dates in public then you can talk about him coming over



You meet him in a public place. You arrive separately. You leave separately. After you have gone out at least 4 separate times, THEN you can invite him to your apartment.

As you said, there are a lot of creeps out there. Not all whackadoos give off a creepy vibe. If they did, then Natalee Holloway would still be alive.

Besides, inviting a guy you are meeting in real life for the first time to your apartment is giving him the green light to have sex with you that weekend. Are you ready to have sex with someone you are meeting face to safe for the first time? I wouldn't.

Oh, and I met my husband on Yahoo Personals. So I'm not against meeting someone online. Just be safe about it.


sounds like a bad after-school-special.


This has happened to me before! Make sure you meet in public first! If he is demanding and gets upset by this fact you obviously can tell what his intentions are. If he doesn't mind then meet him in public. Face to face is much easier to set your 6th sense into overdrive. If you feel comfortable, invite him over the next time you see him.