Do you think this is a good idea for a promise ring proposal?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and we know we're in love. I don't see myself ever leaving him. So he already got me a promise ring but I decided it was my turn to get him one. I already bought it so here's my idea...

I'm going to write a letter explaining all my feeling and everything we been through and how I see my future with him. And instead of putting the ring in the box I'm going to put the letter. Then after he reads the letter I'm going to take the ring out of my pocket and slip it on his finger and tell him how i promise to be with him no matter what and other personal things explaining my love.

Do you think he will like this or do you have any other ideas?


He better like it. Sounds good to me.


It sounds sweet but aren't you the person who was complaining a few months ago that the ring he got you wasn't pretty enough? That it cost a lot but didn't have any diamonds on it.


really sweet!


That sounds pretty sweet to me.